• Fouling-resistant wastewater reclamation (EDR,BioMF)



Electrodialysis reversal can successfully remove ions from water and wastewater by applying a direct current and reversing the polarity of electrodes periodically. The electric charge drives the ions penetrating anion or cation exchange membranes. EDR reduces conductivity and dissolved solids of bulk solution.



●High water recovery rate
●High desalination efficiency
●Easy process control of flow rate, voltage and current



●Soften hard water without chemical addition
●Remove sodium chloride, calcium, magnesium, sulfate and nitrate
●Capable of treating influent with SDI 10 times higher than RO
●Flexible pre-treatment using normal, micro or ultra-filtration



● Desalination of RO concentrate
● Cooling tower condensate
● Salty groundwater
● City water
● Wastewater



● TW 232772






Full-scale EDR system (2400 m3/d ) for river water desalination






Biological membrane filtration process (BioMF) is a novel MBR technology, combining biological filtration bed zone with membrane separation zone, to treat organic wastewater and sewage. Non-woven carriers are filled up in biological filtration bed zone to obtain an excellent performance and stable operation. The non-woven membrane is subsequently submerged into membrane separation zone to filtrate particles and to obtain a high quality of permeate.



●TW 207296 / TW I284119
●US 6982037 / US 7288197
●ZL02146630.0 / ZL200410102440.4



● Suitable for low concentration wastewater under short HRT

● Easy to operate and maintain

● Excellent performance and treated water quality

● High permeate flux and low fouling potential

● Low frequency of backwashing and chemical cleaning



● Municipal wastewater
● Industrial wastewater (COD £500 mg/L)

● Car wash wastewater
● Community/campus wastewater